Your logo, printed on an apple?

Logofruit® is a healthy, eco-friendly gadget that is sure to be a smash hit with your business relations at company events, open days or product launches. Print an apple with your own logo or personalised text and give your customers, staff, or visitors a gift not easily forgotten. Who says that candy-coated chocolates or almonds are the only way to go when there’s a new, little addition to the family? Personalising an apple to commemorate the birth of your child is a great way to show you care about health and the environment too!

Logofruit® is fun to distribute, but even more fun to get. There are loads of advantages attached to Logofruit®: consider health and innovation, for example. Not to mention the environment, which is undoubtedly extremely grateful to you for choosing this eco-friendly marketing gadget.

How does it work?

Well, our logo apples are printed with a 100% food-safe edible paste, made from potato starch. First you send us what you’d like to have printed on your logo apple. We then design a prototype for printing the apple. After that we stamp the paste on the apple and it’s ready for eating! The logoed fruit remains just as healthy but bears your personal stamp. Check out the whole process here.

Personalised gift, gadget or gift: the options are limitless!

The options for fruit printing are endless, which means there's more than enough inspiration to come up with an original, personalised gift that’s sure to stand out. Is your company participating in a trade fair? Then you can hand out apples stamped with your website, message or a QR code. There's no way any of your visitors can miss that! Or how about an original business gift — a piece of fruit bearing sunny, summer greetings or a wintry Christmas one? You can even announce an open day using Logofruit®.

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Are you interested?

If you'd like to know more about what Logofruit® has to offer, be sure to sneak a peek at our Logofruit® website! The website will give you an indication of what the options are, and you can also find some inspiration looking at a number of original creations. Who knows, maybe you'd like to add yours to the list!

Fruitsnacks? There are only advantages

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