For Fruitsnacks, making life healthier by providing fruit at the office is more than just a mission. It has become a way of life. The concept comes from Scandinavia, where health mindedness at the office has already been a point of focus for some time now. Fruit plays an important role in these efforts. As of 2006, Fruitsnacks became the very first fruit company in Belgium to start delivering fruit to the workplace.

It’s Fruitsnacks’ aim to provide people at the office with a fresh, healthy snack — week in and week out. Given that we were born and raised among the orchards of Hesbaye, one of our key aims is to teach everyone about the added value of fruit. We can’t be convinced otherwise: fruit at the office helps you feel energised and more motivated and is great at strengthening the immune system. Naturally that reduces the reduce of falling ill as well.

Quality plus socially responsible and environmentally-friendly entrepreneurship: those are the values that make us who we are. It’s for this reason that we take personal responsibility for the process from A to Z — from the fruit’s cultivation to its delivery at our customers. That’s how we can guarantee the highest quality day in and day out. We take care of people and the planet by using ecological cultivation practices, solar panels to provide green energy, and by using packaging made from 100% recycled materials. We’re also committed to various local charities and non-profit organisations.

Our smooth customer service always comes with a smile and is available in four different languages. That’s important, because two of our objectives are personalising our customer relationships and striving to be outstanding problem solvers.

Fuelled by loads of enthusiasm, we make our mission a reality every day: encouraging everyone to eat healthier by supplying office fruit.

Happy customers