Creating a healthy workplace by inspiring our partners with a local and family-centred story.

'Creating a healthy workplace' reflects who we are writing this mission statement for, namely the companies and the people who work there every day. Anyone who starts a partnership with Fruitsnacks is more than just a customer. You are a partner to us. The Fruitsnacks team will think with you to make your workplace healthier. In addition, our roots, our DNA, should not be missing from this mission. A local and family-centered story. That's where it all started: with a fruit grower who passed on his passion generation after generation.

How we create that healthy workplace is first and foremost with fruit at work.Meanwhile, our offer has already expanded to include fresh soup, Fruittaps and Logofruit®. Both studies and our own partners indicate that healthy eating, including fruit at work, brings all kinds of benefits:

  • Increased focus and motivation
  •  Loyal and productive employees
  • Less absenteeism and less sick leave
  • Better team spirit and atmosphere at work
  • Healthier employees

The Fruitsnacks team thinks with you about a healthier workplace. We like to inspire you through our newspaper 'the Fruzette', social media and Fruit Talks. We share facts about the fruit and talk about what we do in the orchard. We also show what it's like to work at Fruitsnacks. In the Fruit Talks, we get other companies to talk about how fruit at work fits into widerhealth or wellness policies.

Besides the importance of healthy eating, we want to put local fruit back in the spotlight. Haspengouw turns white and pink during the blossom period and in September you can't ignore apples and pears. It is a product to be proud of! Our best apples and pears end up in your fruit basket at work. Quality, together with social and environmental responsibility, is of great importance to us. That is why we take full control of the process from fruit growing to fruit delivery. We care for people and planet from the bottom of our hearts. Every year, we further develop our sustainabilitystrategy and support local charities and non-profit organisations.

Happy customers