There are two options: our fruit baskets or Fruit to Go. The first thing we do is see how many people will be eating the fruit. Next you decide from the various options and combinations. Are there specific types of fruit you have in mind, or does a basket chock-a-block with variety sound good to you?

Fruit baskets:

5 to 6 persons:

  • To provide 5 to 6 persons with fruit for 1 week (± 1 piece per day per person), 5 kg of fruit (± 30 pieces) is the standard amount.
  • We provide eight varieties of the best fruit every week, which alternate based on season.
  • Small Fruit Snack

8 to 10 persons:

  • To provide 8 to 10 persons with fruit for 1 week (± 1 piece per day per person), 8 kg of fruit (± 55 pieces) is the standard amount.
  • We provide eight varieties of the best fruit every week, which alternate based on season.
  • Fruit Fun Pack

12 to 13 persons:

  • To provide 12 to 13 persons with fruit for 1 week (± 1 piece per day per person), 10 kg of fruit (± 65 pieces) is the standard amount.
  • We provide eight varieties of the best fruit every week, which alternate based on season.
  • Large Fun Pack

Do you employ more than 15 people? If so, you might want to consider combining different types of baskets.

For example: a great solution for a company with 20 employees is to go for 1 Large Fun Pack and 1 Small Fruit Snack.

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Fruit to Go:

Do you work in a larger company? Or is a varied fruit basket too much trouble? Do some of your employees really only like certain kinds of fruit? Yes? Customising your fruit selection is definitely a great option then.

You can either hand-pick the fruit you want, or you leave the choice to us. Orders and invoicing can be divided per shift, department, office, etc. Each service is sure to get the right amount of fruit. Delivery to your company's different offices takes place on the same day. Put your package together by choosing from the following fruits: apples, pears, bananas, clementines, peaches, nectarines, oranges, kiwis, and so on. Finally, decide whether you'd prefer a weekly, biweekly or monthly delivery.

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If stored properly, a fruit basket can last up to a week. Some fruit will ripen faster in the basket when combined with other kinds of fruit. Bananas, for example, secrete ethylene, which makes the other fruit in the basket ripen faster. It’s best to eat the soft fruits first since they usually spoil quicker. Apples, pears and bananas, on the other hand, can easily make it to the end of the week.

Be especially careful not to put the fruit basket in an overly warm room, and whatever you do: don’t set basket on a radiator! Fruit that cannot withstand the cold (bananas, kiwis and other exotic fruits) should not be kept in the refrigerator. Any other fruit leftover in the basket, however, is best kept in the refrigerator so that it keeps longer.

Do you need a few tips to get your fruit to ripen more quickly? If so, please keep reading here. (link to blog post)

We do offer an organic fruit basket. This contains fruit grown using organic cultivation methods. Belgian fruit is grown organically by the Kortessem-based welfare work centre, De Wroeter. They take great care in filling our organic fruit baskets every week. De Wroeter is responsible for the arrangement and preparation of these organic fruit baskets, so that when they are done, the baskets are completely ready to go. The composition and quality vary according to the season and the availability at De Wroeter.

Check out their organic certificate here!

The organic fruit basket can be ordered in 5 or 8 kg sizes, ± 35 and ± 55 pieces respectively. It contains at least six different types of fruit that meet organic certification standards.

You can let us know at any time if there's a type of fruit that shouldn't or can’t be included in your basket. The unwanted fruit will always be replaced with another type of fruit.


Deliveries always take place on Mondays throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. We also deliver to Limburg, Flemish Brabant, Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent on Wednesdays.

Your location determines the time at which your order arrives. It is a given that traffic and weather conditions also play a major role in the delivery process. If you provide us with your location, we can estimate when it will arrive at its destination.

If you have any special requests regarding afternoon breaks or special opening hours, please contact us. We do our level best to make sure your preferences are taken into account.

If, despite our quality procedures, a piece of fruit still slips through the net, or if your fruit is damaged during transport, please don’t hesitate and be sure to let us know. Finding the right solution to this issue is our pleasure.

If you have any complaints, please contact us via e-mail at fruit@fruitsnacks.be. That will make it possible for us to address the issue and find a solution as quickly as possible. In order to offer the best possible solution, we also ask that you send us a picture of the damaged fruit.

Ons fruit


Facturatie en Prijzen

If ordered on a weekly or biweekly basis, the fruit baskets are cheaper. That’s because it simplifies logistics and enables us to maintain a fixed route.

Standard baskets:





Small Fruit Snack (5 kg)




Fruit Fun Pack (8 kg)




Large Fun Pack (10 kg)







Gift baskets (including card and foil):

Have you been a customer for at least three months and would you like to thank a business relation for an enjoyable partnership, help a sick employee on the road to recovery with some vitamins, or surprise your staff spontaneously with a bonus? If so, Fruitsnacks’ delicious gift baskets might be just the ticket!

Local produce Basket


Fruit For Business


Seprosa® Luxury Basket


Family Gift Basket 5 kg


Family Gift Basket XL 8 kg


All prices shown include shipping costs (in Belux) and exclude VAT and excise duties (where necessary). All prices are shown and invoiced in EUR.

If you are interested in larger quantities of a certain product or a larger delivery for the same location, please contact us for a custom quote.

Fruitsnacks doesn’t work based on contracts: we want to be as flexible as possible towards our customers.

If you ever want to cancel or change your order, our only request is that you inform us by Thursday at noon if you are expecting a delivery the week after. It's also no trouble at all to change volumes or delivery frequency during holiday periods.

Invoices are always sent monthly at the end of each month, either by post or electronically. Naturally our preference is to send this electronically. After all, we’re working towards making our ecological footprint as small as possible. The payment terms are stated on the invoice. For invoicing by post we charge an administrative cost of EUR 2.00, per invoice.

Not only is fruit at the office healthy, free and motivating for your employees, it's also 100% tax deductible! Manager Karel Paesmans worked long and hard at lobbying to make fruit at the office 100% tax deductible. Those efforts paid off because fruit at the office is now fully tax deductible. What this means in practice is that fruit is now included in the social benefits category. Just like coffee and water, office fruit now enjoys government tax exemption too. That means benefits for employer and employee alike.

Corporate tax in Belgium is currently 29%, which means that 29% of the purchase price on your fruit basket can be considered social benefit. Below you can find a brief overview of how it works.


Cost before tax

Social benefit

Cost after tax

Small Fruit Snack (5 kg)




Fruit Fun Pack (8 kg)




Large Fun Pack (10 kg)




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