Fruitsnacks deliveries are always made on Mondays and Wednesdays during office hours. How often this happens is up to you. Are you getting too much fruit? Is it not quite enough? Just let us know by the Thursday before your delivery; that gives us enough time to adjust your order.

If you have any special requests regarding afternoon breaks or special opening hours, please feel free to contact us. Taking sustainability and our routes into account, Fruitsnacks does its level best to take your preferences into account. Adjusting the volume and/or frequency of your fruit basket during holiday periods also poses no problem whatsoever: we're happy to help!

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Step 1

Try our trial basket

The first step is to try-before-you-buy with our Fruitsnacks trial basket. The trial basket allows you to test out our fruit without having to commit to a subscription. It’s also completely free for new customers. Does that sound good to you? Yes? Then it's time to make your way to Step 2. 

Have you changed your mind? Is fruit at the office really not right for your company? If that’s the case, then you will be charged a price of €26.25 for the 3 kg basket, €28.75 for 5 kg, €35.25 for 8 kg and €40.45 for 10 kg.

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Step 2

Select the option that’s right for your company

There are three different fruit baskets to choose from at Fruitsnacks. The amount of fruit needed depends on the number of employees in your company. Does your company employee over 50 people? Does a fruit basket seem like it's not the best option? If so, why not give Fruit to Go a try? We always work to our customers' specifications.  

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Step 3

Decide how often fruit is delivered

How often you receive a company fruit delivery is up to you! Are you concerned that a weekly delivery will end up in too much wasted fruit? The answer is simple. Just schedule a biweekly delivery. Or perhaps a weekly delivery won’t be quite enough. If that's the case, then Fruitsnacks can deliver fresh fruit on a twice-weekly basis.

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Step 4

Receive your order

We made a conscious decision not to work with impersonal transport companies where you're concerned, but to work with independent, fixed-contract drivers instead. That means that every time you get a delivery, it will be a familiar face knocking on your door. Since your delivery is part of their regular route, they always know exactly where your fruit basket needs to be. 

At Fruitsnacks we always strive for a personal approach both in our delivery and in our after-sales service.

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Step 5

Enjoy your fruit

Our apples and pears are 100% home-grown. The rest of the fruit we buy fresh every week at the early-morning markets. We are always working on creating new variety in our fruit baskets, which is how you'll find a different type of fruit in your basket every week, depending entirely on the season. 

Fruitsnacks also regularly organises fun activities that you can find in our baskets and on our social media. 

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Why not give it a go! Order your trial basket now.

  • 3, 5, 8 or 10 kg fruit
  • Fruit for one week
  • 8 varieties of the most delicious seasonal fruit
  • Free* for new customers

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