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Karel Paesmans

0475 398 803
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Along with his wife Heidi Vanreppelen, Karel Paesmans is the mastermind, founder and managing director of Fruitsnacks. As an experienced fruit farmer, in 2005 he was looking into ways for his fruit to offer extra added value, when he stumbled on the 'fruit at the office' concept which had already been gaining ground in Scandinavia. The concept proved a hit. Since then, Fruitsnacks has been supplying fruit baskets to well over 1,700 businesses across Belgium!
But Karel is not the kind of person to rest on his laurels: placing a premium on personal contact with customers, he still delivers fruit baskets to customers in person. In addition, he also takes a keen interest in e-marketing and SEO.



Heidi Vanreppelen

0496 124 248
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It is often said that behind every successful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman. Which certainly holds true for Fruitsnacks. Heidi Vanreppelen is not just Karel's spouse, she is also the driving force who runs and co-ordinates the fruit basket operations week after week. Describing herself as a stickler for detail and as someone who is always keen to deliver the best fruit around, Heidi is also in charge of the Logofruit the company makes. Every single logo apple, from negative to end product, is first checked by her before going into production.

As such, Heidi is seen to lead more of a behind the scenes life as the co-managing director of Fruitsnacks, but this is a deliberate choice as she tends to shy away from the limelight. A sense of modesty that is a credit to her!

Walter Conings

0479 072 730
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Walter joined Fruitsnacks in June 2012 as our Marketing & Sales Manager. Walter is very much a Corporate Design freak: there is not a single colour, space or dot that escapes his notice. Which is also his forte: his sense of accuracy and meticulous attention to detail.

Need a quote for customised fruit deliveries to your company? Walter is on hand to put together our best quote at the keenest price, along with a clear and straightforward explanation. A man who never loses focus, his longstanding experience enables him to keep a cool head in stressful situations.

Alongside Karel, he is the only cockerel in the henhouse of women that is Fruitsnacks, but that does not mean to say he is unable to stand his ground. Although we suspect that, given his chocolate addiction, he does have a feminine side. ;-)

Wendy Mottie

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All customers who place an order with Fruitsnacks first need to be registered in our system. Next, their order is entered and, as the final step, the customer is included as part of the right delivery tour to ensure flawless deliveries. Wendy is the lady who takes care of this process. As the person in charge of Office & Planning, this lady is very much a stickler for details, same as Heidi.

Every single day, Wendy's main concern is to keep customer satisfaction at the highest possible level. She will jump through hoops to come with a solution for every delivery problem that asserts itself. What is more, Wendy is perfectly bilingual (Dutch-French).

Our drivers are particularly grateful to her for the weekly route planning which she maps out all by herself - as are we!

Ann De Meester

0472 70 53 53
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Our very own little ray of sunshine on the road is our sales rep Ann! Knowing as good as every single one of our customers by name, she's got the memory of an elephant. She chiefly operates in the East and West Flanders region, but is more than happy to travel the length and breadth of Belgium for our customers. 

Almost all of our new customers get to deal with Ann, as she inquires on a regular basis with customers as to whether they are satisfied with their fruit deliveries. In addition, she is also the first point of contact for our Fruit Tap customers.
In addition to serving as our sales rep, on Mondays she also delivers fruit in the East Flanders region!
Sadly we do not get to see her at the office every week, but when she does call round she brings her undeniable streak of East Flemish fun and merriment.

Steve Chan

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Do you know the proverb ‘There’s no pulling the wool over his eyes'? This certainly applies to our accountant Steve.

He does his work with precision (and with a smile, of course) which could only be classified "Asian Level”. He conjures with numbers, invoices, VAT declarations, etc. as if it were nothing. You can contact him if you have a question about invoicing or tax deductibility!

Or for questions about cooking, because apart from his job as an accountant, Steve is also an amateur chef. And more recently, also a pallet furniture maker! You see: a real all-rounder, this accountant of ours.