Our deliveries always take place on Mondays in Belgium and Luxembourg. On Wednesdays we also deliver in Limburg, Flemish Brabant, Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent. Our deliveries in Belgium and Luxembourg are always free and take place during office hours. Your location determines when the fruit will arrive.

We have more than 40 well-thought-out routes so that the kilometres travelled and our ecological footprint are kept to a minimum. We work next to our home location in Wijer with 5 warehouses in Aalter, Dilbeek, Lochristi, Haasdonk and Sint-Laureins Berchem that supply our customers in these regions. We bundle our deliveries so that your fruit can carpool with that of your neighbours. In this way, we avoid the long traffic jams and ensure a smooth and punctual delivery at all times!

For you, we deliberately choose not to work with impersonal transport companies but with independent, regular drivers. In this way you will have a familiar face every week. They know exactly where your fruit basket should be. At Fruitsnacks we always strive for a personal approach in our delivery as well as in our after-sales service.

If you have any special wishes regarding lunchtime breaks or special opening hours, please contact us. Taking sustainability and our routes into account, we always try to take your preferences into account. During holiday periods it is also no problem at all to adjust the volume or frequency of your fruit basket.

How does the delivery take place?

Our first delivery takes place in our wicker basket. We choose to reuse this basket. Our subsequent deliveries are made in the Fruitsnacks boxes. This way you can replenish your basket yourself. With every delivery there is a blue air permeable paper that you can put under the fruit in your basket. This keeps your basket clean at all times.

Is your basket broken or would you like a new basket for another reason? Please let us know for sure. We will then provide you with a new basket for the next delivery. 


You choose the frequency of fruit deliveries in your company. Afraid that too much fruit will be left over with a weekly order? Well, then we just deliver every fortnight. Even a monthly delivery is possible! Or is a weekly delivery perhaps not enough? Then we will make sure that we deliver fresh fruit to you twice a week.

Frequently asked questions

Fruitsnacks doesn’t work based on contracts: we want to be as flexible as possible towards our customers.

If you ever want to cancel or change your order, our only request is that you inform us by Thursday at noon if you are expecting a delivery the week after. It's also no trouble at all to change volumes or delivery frequency during holiday periods.

Holiday calendar 2021


WEEK 52 & WEEK 53 (2020): No delivery from 19/12/2020 to 3/01/2021 Fruitsnacks holiday period
WEEK 14: Delivery on Tuesday 6/04 instead of Monday 5/04 Easter Monday
WEEK 19: No delivery on Wednesday 12/05 OLH Ascension on Thursday 13/05
WEEK 21: Delivery on Tuesday 25/05 instead of Monday 24/05 Whit Monday
WEEK 29: No delivery from 19/07 to 25/07 Fruitsnacks holiday period
WEEK 44: Delivery on Tuesday 2/11 instead of Monday 1/11 All Saints' Day
WEEK 45: No delivery on Wednesday 10/11 Armistice on Thursday 11/11
WEEK 52 & WEEK 1 (2022): No delivery from 25/12/2021 to 9/01/2022 Fruitsnacks holiday period


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