Our deliveries always take place on Monday, or Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday, throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. Wednesday we also deliver in Limburg, Flemish Brabant, Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent. Our deliveries are always free in Belgium.

You choose the frequency of fruit deliveries in your company. Afraid that there is too much fruit in a weekly order? Well, then we deliver just every two weeks. Even a monthly delivery is possible! Or is a weekly delivery perhaps not enough? Then we ensure that fresh fruit is delivered to you twice a week.

Your location determines when the fruit will arrive. Of course, traffic and weather conditions also play a major role in this. We have more than 40 sophisticated routes, which means that the kilometers traveled and thus our ecological footprint are limited as much as possible. We work with three warehouses in Aalter, Dilbeek and Lochristi that supply our customers in these regions. We bundle our deliveries so that your fruit can carpool with that of your neighbors. This way we avoid the long traffic jams and we always ensure a smooth and punctual delivery!

For you, we consciously choose not to cooperate with impersonal transport companies but with independent, regular drivers. So every week a familiar face is knocking at you. They know perfectly where your fruit basket should stand. At Fruit Snacks we always strive for a personal approach both in our delivery and in our after-sales service. So if you have special wishes i.v.m. afternoon breaks or special opening hours, please contact us. Taking into account sustainability and our routes, we always try to take your preferences into account. During holiday periods, it is also no problem to adjust the volumes or the frequency of your fruit basket.

Do you have any questions regarding our deliveries? Contact us!

Delivery calendar for 2020


WEEK 52 (2019) & WEEK 1 No delivery from 23/12/2019 to 3/01/2020 Fruitsnacks holiday period
WEEK 17 Delivery on Tuesday 14/04 instead of Monday 13/04 Easter Monday
WEEK 21 No delivery on Wednesday 20/05 O.H. Ascension
WEEK 23 Delivery on Tuesday 02/06 instead of Monday 01/06 Whit Monday
WEEK 30 No delivery from 20/07 to 24/07 Fruitsnacks holiday period
WEEK 46 No delivery on Wednesday 11/11 Armistice
WEEK 52 & WEEK 1 (2021) No delivery from 21/12/2020 to 1/01/2021 Fruitsnacks holiday period


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