A healthy working day is a productive working day

Sitting still for hours, drinking litres of coffee, smoking a cigarette during the break, chocolates brought in by a colleague on his or her birthday: the workplace often makes a poor candidate for any health award. It’s such a pity too, because healthy employees perform better, are absent less, are more motivated and create a positive working environment.

According to the World Health Organisation, most health problems are the result of poor lifestyles. Good employers know that to keep their employees healthy, sometimes habits have to change. Since we spend most of the day at the office, it makes sense then that change will have to happen there. Research shows that employee productivity increases by about 5% and absenteeism decreases by 15% when workers adopt healthy eating habits.

Fruit at the office provides more incentive

In recent years there has been a noticeable change for the better: an increasing number of companies are removing snack machines and sugary drinks and replacing these with a water fountain and fruit deliveries. Based on our experience and customer feedback, we've been able to conclude that employees don’t eat enough fruit until it’s well within hand's reach. 

Fruit at the office encourages a healthy lifestyle, which means employees who are less frequently ill, feel better, and who perform better at work. What does this mean? Companies supporting the health and well-being of their employees are rewarded with motivated, productive employees! Not only that — a varied, colourful fruit basket also quite literally brightens up the working environment!

What’s better about having fruit delivered? Why not just pop into a local supermarket?

To us that reason is clear. You need the maximum amount of time to run your business — running off to buy fruit is a waste of that precious time. We ensure that fruit that is selected and bought is premium quality, something we determine based on: appearance, taste and shelf life.

This is something Fruitsnacks’ Manager, Karel Paesmans knows like the back of his hand: ‘By now I've had my own fruit farm for 30 years already and have taken care of Fruitsnacks purchases for over a decade. Thanks to our years of experience, we can offer the best fruit any time of day, especially in terms of taste. Two factors are always taken into account: the season & the environment. Our apples and pears are 100% home-grown. This short chain drastically reduces our ecological footprint too.  

Fruit orders are delivered by Fruitsnacks employees to the site you choose, according to your specifications. That way you aren’t forced to waste any time on shopping for fruit. Our deliveries are always free.

On our end, the price of fruit fluctuates significantly throughout the year. For you though, Fruitsnacks guarantees that the price of your fruit will remain the same throughout the year. That’s definitely worth keeping in mind when drawing up a budget. Oh, we nearly forgot! Since 2012, providing fresh fruit at the office is even 100% tax deductible.

Happy customers