How do you get a chance to be nominated for the Fruitsnacks Awards?

Step 1 You have already achieved: you have provided fruit at work for your employees for at least one year. Download the label so you can show online that you are a "healthy workplace approved by Fruitsnacks"!

Download hier het label: green - brown - white - black                        

Step 2: Send us an original team photo with the fruit in the picture.

You can submit this photo in two different ways:

Step 3: Tell us more about the best actions your company is taking to promote the health of your employees. If you want to have a chance of winning the title of 'The Fittest Workplace', emphasise sporting activities in your health and well-being policy. You can do this using the form below. Who knows, maybe we will soon ask you to participate in our Fruit Talks, our series of blog articles in which we put the health policy of one company in the spotlight!

You must complete each step to get a chance to win the Fruitsnacks Award.

You can participate until Monday 9 September 2024.

The presentation of the Fruitsnacks Awards

The winner will be chosen by our fruit experts and will win a fruity team building in addition to a beautiful trophy! The companies achieving place two and three will receive a fruity surprise pack.

The Fittest Workplace will win a sports kit from Fruitsnacks, ideal for getting colleagues to exercise more.

There will also be an audience prize! We will post the strongest entries on our social media and the public will choose a winner!

Application form

Step 2: a fruity team photo

Step 3: Your company's healthy actions or health policy

You haven't received a Fruitsnacks label yet and yet you have been providing fruit at work for at least one year? Let us know via and we will deliver your sticker and certificate!  This way, you too can participate in the Fruitsnacks Awards.

We keep your details for correct follow-up, more info in our privacy disclaimer

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