What does 100% tax deductible mean?

Not only is fruit at the office healthy, free and motivating for your employees, it's also 100% tax deductible! Manager Karel Paesmans worked long and hard at lobbying to make fruit at the office 100% tax deductible. Those efforts paid off because fruit at the office is now fully tax deductible. What this means in practice is that fruit is now included in the social benefits category. Just like coffee and water, office fruit now enjoys government tax exemption too. That means benefits for employer and employee alike.

Corporate tax in Belgium is currently 25%, which means that 25% of the purchase price on your fruit basket can be considered social benefit. Below you can find a brief overview of how it works.


Cost before tax

Social benefit

Cost after tax

Small Fruit Snack (5 kg)




Fruit Fun Pack (8 kg)




Large Fun Pack (10 kg)




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