What do you do about sustainable entrepreneurship?

Our manager, Karel Paesmans, will be happy to explain this to you: 

"I choose to grow fruit in an environmentally conscious way in my fruit company. For example, I use solar panels for cooling and sorting the fruit. I like to continue this ecological line at Fruitsnacks. When I place my first order, I deliver the fruit in a basket. Subsequent deliveries are made in a slightly smaller, recycled box. This way you can present your own fruit in the basket.

Fruitsnacks has four warehouses (Haasdonk, Rebecq, Roeselare and Reuver) that supply our customers from these regions. We bundle our deliveries on Mondays and Wednesdays so your fruit can be carpooled with that of your neighbours. In this way, we limit social transport costs and try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Fruit of which too much is bought or fruit with a slight damage I lovingly donate to a good cause (the local food distribution, Saint Vincent). Damaged fruit I drive in winter to feeding grounds for the birds and roe deer. That way nothing of our fruit is lost.

We also commit ourselves to Kom Op Tegen Kanker and Make a Wish and work closely with the Wroeter for the production of our organic fruit baskets.

Finally, electronic invoicing is a matter of course for us".

Happy customers