How do you guarantee the best quality?

Our manager and fruit grower Karel Paesmans will be happy to explain how we do it:

"With 75 ha of our own apple and pear trees of different varieties, I can supply you with the very best quality all year round. In our fruit company we grow 7 different varieties of apples (Jonagold, Jonared, Braeburn, Delbare Estivale, Elstar, Red Prince and Greenstar) and 4 varieties of pears (Conférence, Doyenné du Comice, Durondeau and the new variety Q-Tee). Together with my team, I pick about 2,500,000 kg of fruit each year, most of which I also store locally. So you can always enjoy Hesbaye fruit from your own cultivation.

The rest of the fruit that ends up in your fruit basket, I select myself at the early market in Brussels. I taste and choose on the basis of taste, quality and seasonality.

At the weekend, a permanent team, led by my wife Heidi, assembles the baskets. Each fruit undergoes two visual and manual checks for external injuries. If, despite our quality procedures, a piece of fruit still slips through the net, we are happy to replace it.

In addition, we keep three baskets of each fruit production as a preventive check: one is in our office at ambient temperature, one is in our refrigerated area and a third is with a field worker after the basket has gone through the entire logistics process on Monday.  If these three baskets have the same defect with the same type of fruit, we know that we have to take preventive action and inform our customers.  

Fruitsnacks is the only fruit supplier to companies that has the entire chain in its own hands: from cultivation, storage, purchase and composition of the fruit baskets to delivery. In this way we guarantee the very best quality!

Happy customers