Fruit at work is 100% tax deductible!

Fruit at work is not only a healthy option. It's also for free, it motivates your employees and it's 100% tax deductible! Our CEO, Karel Paesmans, personally made it possible for fruit to be 100% tax deductible. This means fruits are now been seen as a social advantage, just like coffee or water at work. So lots of advantages for employer AND employee! 

The corporate taxes in Belgium are at 29% at this moment. This means the social advantage for fruit at work amounts just this 29% at the purchase price. In the table below, we have listed this advantage.


Price before taxes

Social advantage

Price after taxes 

Small Fruit snack (5 kg)

€ 25,45

€ 7,38

€ 18,07

Fruit Fun Pack (8 kg)

€ 31,45

€ 9,12

€ 22,33

Large Fun Pack (10 kg)

€ 36,45

€ 10,57

€ 25,88

Curious how this initiative has been created? Bedrijvig Limburg published the next article on this matter. 

Fruit companies and employees reap the fruit of parliamentary initiative

Fruit consumption in businesses set to become fiscally rewarding. Minister-President Kris Peeters is looking to make the consumption of fruit tax deductible. He confirmed the new scheme in response to a question from Veerle Heeren, which came at the suggestion of Voka (Flanders Chamber of Commerce and Industry) – Limburg Chamber of Commerce. The scheme's spiritual father and @hoc member Karel Paesmans (Fruitsnacks) believes the measure to be a big boost for healthy employees and fruit-growing companies.

Eating fruit is the healthy thing to do and helps to drive down sickness absence. Something they have already cottoned on to in the Netherlands, which explains why the Dutch government has set up tax relief for the costs incurred by employers in providing free fruit to their workers during office hours.
Veerle Heeren asked the Minister responsible for Agriculture and Horticulture for the Flemish Government, Kris Peeters, to consider introducing the same kind of tax relief in Flanders too. In Belgium, 62% of residents eat fresh vegetables on a day-to-day basis. However, only 35% tuck into a portion of fresh fruit every day.
Nowadays, tax relief is already seen to exist for soup, coffee, water, soft drinks and beer (!) that is handed out to company employees free of charge. Fruit is now likely to be added to this list. To this end, Minister-President Peeters will be asking federal Finance Minister Vanackere to have a similar scheme adopted.

Fruitsnacks' Karel Paesmans, the spiritual father of the proposal and a member of @hoc, is pleased: “This tax deductible comes with a double benefit. For one thing, it could seriously drive up the consumption of fruit in Belgian companies, which is good news for the health of employees. In turn, healthy employees tend to be more productive and stay away from work much less. For another thing, increased fruit consumption is certain to have a positive impact on the fruit growing sector, both in South Limburg and elsewhere.”

Source: Bedrijvig Limburg, june 2012

Karel Paesmans