Support a good cause? Piece of fruit!

Supporting a good cause by making your company and employees healthier and happier? Fruitsnacks proudly announces its partnerships with various charities.

As a company we truly cherish open communication and excellent service towards our clients and suppliers. In addition, we are devoted to environmentally conscious fruit growing and sustainability in general. One of the greatest privileges of running a business is being able to give something back to the community. Therefore we also support Kom op tegen Kanker, Make-A-Wish, De Wroeter, Sint-Vincentius and other local charities.

Kom op tegen Kanker1c_KOTK_hor_pos_rgb

We all know someone who has cancer. A grandparent, sister, friend, colleague or a child. Each day no less than 107 Flemish people are being diagnosed with cancer. Even we learned the impact of cancer on a human’s life the hard way.

Kom op tegen Kanker strives for a better quality of life for cancer patients and fights for a world without this horrible illness. Being the pioneer and point of contact for the Flemish community, they managed to establish numerous care projects. Moreover, they continue to invest in innovating cancer research, both psychosocial and biomedical. That way they contribute to a greater chance of recovery and an optimal treatment for patients.

For every logo-apple sold, Fruitsnacks donates 1.5 eurocent to Kom op tegen Kanker. This annually accounts for more than 7000 euros.


Since the beginning of 2016 Fruitsnacks also supports Make-A-Wish. Make-A-Wish grants magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening diseases. From becoming a fireman to meeting a celebrity, their dreams are becoming reality at a time they need it most. For nearly 26 years Make-A-Wish has been fulfilling the dreams of thousands ill children, and they are determined to continue to do so for many years to come.

Wishing trees

During Spring, Fruitsnacks planted marvellous wishing trees for all Make-A-Wish children in our orchards. Each tree was named after a Wish child, who then became the proud and rightful owner of the tree. The harvest will be given to the child and his/her family. They are even allowed to pick their own apples during our annual Appelplukdag, which takes place every second Sunday of October. 


De Wroeter De Wroeter

Fruitsnacks cooperates with labour centre De Wroeter in Kortessem. De Wroeter helps people who have difficulties finding a job, mainly due social disabilities. The organisation focuses on talent and potential, with the purpose of strengthening their self-esteem and their position in our society. Tailored labour and special care are therefore essential. With tons of love and patience they succeed in providing us the best organic fruit on a weekly basis. A win-win for the local economy, community and our environment, because the fruit does not have to travel far. Fits perfectly in our buy-local vision!

Sint Vincentius

The cosmetic standards of the Western consumer contribute to the global waste of millions of tons of food. Although there are multiple ways to tackle this gigantic waste, the volume remains shameful. Do you ever wonder what happens to fruit that is unsuitable for our baskets (due tiny bruises and small imperfections), yet can still be consumed? We are happy to tell you that our apples and pears fare a lot better!

Volunteers of Sint-Vincentius drop by every week to collect the imperfect fruits. Their mission is to help people who have limited income and resources within our region. These efforts include food distributions, where our fruit is being distributed! Every year, we donate over 20 tons of fruit.