Our Applejuices: Convenient, delicious and healthy!

Apple juice from freshly squeezed, sun-drenched fruit of the best quality

Environmental-friendly grown apples and pears of Fruitsnacks are also available in our delicious apple juice. Healthy, 100% pure, without preservatives and delicious!

Our apple juices are available in little fancy bottles and in a handy fruittap

Little Bottles Apple juice

The Bottles from Fruitsnacks provide that extra touch at receptions or meetings. Our delicious refreshing apple juice also provides a classy look of every table. Our little bottles are deliverable in a box of 24 bottles containing 20CL of our delicious apple juice. They exist in 4 variants: apple cloudy, apple clair, apple-cherry and apple-elderberry. 

flesjes 20 cl

The Bag in Box Fruit Juices

Our Fruit Juice is ideal for family celebrations and large groups. Thanks to the handy tap, everybody can tap their own delicious glass of juice.

  • Easy to operate without mess
  • Long storage time due to pasteurization (60 days storage time after opening)
  • Available in 5 flavors: apple cloudy, apple clair, apple-pear, apple-cherry and apple-elderberry

Our taps are available in packages of 3L and 5L. Are you looking for a vending point near you? Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!


In 5 delicious flavors:

Apple Cloudy
The apples are immediately after picking squeezed out to a deliciously cloudy apple juice. The sublime selection of our different apples gives a beautiful, turbid golden yellow color to the apple juice. The unique press method keeps the apple juice rich in fiber and full of flavor.

Appel troebel

Apple Clair
Apple juice - beautiful golden yellow and bright. This apple juice, made from our selection of self-grown apples is extra filtered into a beautiful, bright apple juice full of flavor.


By mixing the juice of our apples with our juicy conference pears you get an unrivaled taste experience!


A classic and the favorite of many children due to the fresh taste and beautiful red color. The mix of our delicious apples with the sweet-sour of cherries ensures a balanced fresh fruit juice.


Appel - Elderberry
This unique fruit juice combines the delicious sweet taste of our apples with the spicy spicy taste of ripe elderberries. This mixture has a beautiful dark red color and is packed with antioxidants. Elderberry is also widely known for its medicinal ingredients.