The Fruit Company

Nothing can be compared to a juicy fruit which can be eaten with your fingers. However, a complete process precedes before the fruit can be put in a Fruitsnack. We would like to reveal a fruity glimpse of what happens in and around our fruit company.

The southern part of Limburg has a rich tradition in fruit culture, which represents about 50% of the Belgian production. Every day, more than 4,000 people are occupied with their fruit. It is not a coincidence that Haspengouw belongs to the top 5 of the European fruit regions.

During spring, the orchards are rather nude and the trees have barely sprouted leaves yet. There is only little to see, but after some time the sun and the rain will bring life to the orchards in our fruit company.

the blossom festivities. The orchards paint the landscape white.

In the months of April and May, the orchards are in full bloom. During this period we celebrate beehives in the orchards during the spring months.

Pollinating the blossoms is very important for a rich harvest.

Fruitsnacks cultivates in an ecological way. Useful insects are used in our fruit company to eliminate the harmful ones. We attract the useful insects, by planting hedges and by laying out flower strips in the orchards. Birds of prey can take a break on the perches we placed and flycatchers and tits can look for a home in one of the nesting boxes in our orchard. The ladybugs lend us a helping hand as well by eradicating plant louses.

By the end of the summer, the apples and pears have received a rosy colour. It is time to make the preparations for the harvesting. Not only the spring but also the autumn brings plenty of colour to the orchards. A beautiful scenery which is certainly worth visiting!

The harvesting starts in September and ends in October. During these two months, the seasonal workers do their utmost to gather in the harvest. Immediately after the harvesting, the apples are stored in big wooden pallet-boxes which are preserved in cold stores until their delivery.

This is how you see the fruit of Fruitsnacks most of the time. Ready to eat and delivered at your company every week. Now you also know the story behind our fruit and our fruit company.

Enjoy your fruity snack!