Fruitsnacks' mission

To Fruitsnacks, Fruit at Work is more than a mission, it has become a way of life. The idea comes from Scandinavia, where health in the workplace has been a focus of attention for a good number of years. Fruit is a key factor as part of these endeavours.

Fruitsnacks is looking to offer office workers a fresh and healthy snack week after week. Each week, we deliver fresh fruit to your place of work for you and your co-workers to enjoy. 

Quality is paramount, to us and our customers alike. Which is why we handle the entire process, from growing the fruit all the way up to delivering the fruit, by ourselves. Growing our own fruit, purchasing exotic fruit on the early market, putting together and packing the fruit baskets by our own dedicated team, transport all the way to your company's doorstep by a dedicated team...

There is good reason why Fruitsnacks currently serves over 1,700 customers throughout Belgium and Luxembourg. This also places us as the market leader in the distribution of fruit baskets in Belgium.

Fruitsnacks is equally looking to promote the delightful corners of Haspengouw to wider audiences.