From tree to lunch table

1. Our fruit company works hard: cutting, planting, staking, thinning, counting creeping crawlies, etc. Thankfully, we get a helping hand from beneficial insects and obviously there is the sun to give us a leg up in growing shiny and healthy fruit.

2. Around late August, early September our fruit pickers set to work. Fruitsnacks apples and pears are delivered to our customers straight from the orchard. It does not get any fresher than this. Immediately after picking, the apples are carefully washed, before they are sorted according to size and hand-checked for quality. Doing so enables us to keep just the very best fruit.

3. Exotic fruit is selected at the Brussels early market by our buyers. Each week we collect the fresh fruit, which is first checked before it is used to fill your fruit basket.

4. So as not to blemish the fruit, we also pay the utmost care to the way your fruit baskets are packed and transported.